Magnets and Magnetism

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Magnets are magnificent objects that create an area of magnetic force around them that is not invisible to the human eye.
In a magnet, there is an area known as the Magnetic Field.
If a magnetic object is inside that area, it gets attracted to the magnet and moves towards it without any physical contact. Looks like magic, isn’t it?

What are magnetic objects?

Objects that get attracted to a magnet are called Magnetic Objects. And the objects that do not get attracted to a magnet are called Non-Magnetic Objects.
For Example, a piece of wood or cloth won’t even move if kept near a magnet. But objects that contain Iron, Nickel and Cobalt will get attracted to the magnet. Magnetic and non-magnetic objects
When you keep a magnet freely suspended in air, it would rest in the north-south direction. The end that pointed in the North is called the North Pole of the magnet and the end that points south is called the South Pole of the Magnet.

An Experiment

  • Take two bar magnets. The north and South Pole should be marked on these magnets.
  • Bring the like poles near and see what happens. These magnets repel each other.
  • Again bring the North and South poles near. The magnets attract each other.
Unlike poles attract, Like poles repel

This proves that unlike poles attract each other and like poles repel each other. 

The north pole of the magnet points to the North Pole of the Earth. That’s because Earth itself contains magnetic. That’s how a compass works. The compass has a magnet and it attract to the North Pole.
The Earth behaves like a magnet. That’s because the Earth’s core is bellied to be a mix of iron and nickel, giving the Earth its own magnetic field.
The Earth's Magnetic Field
If you cut a bar magnet into two, it won’t lose its magnetic field but would give you two new magnets, each with its own north and South Pole.
If a magnet has a strong magnetic field, it can pull objects even under water.
You can convert an unmagnetized object to magnet if you run a magnet a few times over it. (Such as iron nail) This called magnetization.

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