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Quiz Activities for children to Improve thinking skills, boost mental speed by having exercised for both sides of the brain, and improve their knowledge via logical and educational quizzes.
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Success Stories

Real Stories from Real Users

I am Joanne and a doctor. I always busy with patients, but I wanted to make sure my child is spending time at home effectively.

I connected to the learnatme.com dashboard and assigned some quizzes to my child.

He is practicing quizzes, earn points, certificates, badges, and learn with fun.

I am still at the office with patients, but I can connect to the learnatme.com dashboard to see how my little one performing with quizzes.

Dr. Joanne, Chicago, Illinois

Contact me if anyone needs to know more drjoanned@gmail.com

I am Adom work in Canada, but my family living in Texas. As a caring father, I always wanted to engage with my child in her education.

I connected to the learnatme.com dashboard and assign some quiz activities to her.

Yeah!!! She is practicing quizzes well, earn points, certificates, and badges.

Even I am in Canada, I connect to the learnatme.com dashboard and see how she is improving her skills. I assign more and more quizzes focusing on the areas she has to improve yet.

Adom, Houston, Texas

Contact me if anyone needs to know more adoms1982@gmail.com

How to Success?
Best Practices to make it a successful investment

Don't Skip Quizzes

Even if the quizzes are easy it's important to solve because continued exercises help to improve your knowledge and brainpower more and more. Quizzes will build your skills and knowledge step-by-step.

20 Minutes a Day

Don't let them spend a long time on screen. Just 20 minutes a day enough time to gain skills, knowledge, and keep their brain fresh. Use our offline activities to spend effectively the rest of the time.

Don't Push to Overdo!

Yes, it looks easy to complete all at once and we can imagine the reaction, but that's not work because too much push can significantly decrease student's interest. Do continuously and consistently.